Slate Mobile Air Desk by Nathan Mummer

Came across this neat kickstarter project on a blog post by imjustcreative, and I just had to share!  It’s a simple concept for a lap desk that’s executed in a wonderful minimal design.  It may not have the cushions of other lap desks on the market, but takes up little space, serves it’s purpose, and best of all, it doesn’t heat up!

Laptops are designed for mobility but they’re missing the comforts of a desk. We experience poor posture and back pains, lost items, heat on our laps, and an overall slow work speed. We searched through one retail store after another, but much to our dismay, we only found basic accessories and plain-old surfaces for our laptops. So, the invention of the Slate was born. It’s the only product of it’s kind and with your help – we can make it affordable for everyone to enjoy.

Check it out here!



The Workbed by Mira Schröder

Part of BLESS's No. 33 Artistcare collection

Photographed by Marlen Mueller via Freunde von Freunden

Transformable and flexible furniture is very actual because many of us live in small apartments where there’s a lack of space. Mira Schröder, exhibition designer for experimental design group BLESS, created a unique furniture piece – a piece of furniture that flips from spacious desk into an instant bed. The Workbed’s mattress is unveiled by a rotating mechanism. Sheets are specially designed to latch to the underside of the table when it is turned upside down. It’s a perfect solution for small, urban living, it’s also ideal for offering nap options in a work setting. Work and then if you need – just take a nap after transforming the desk into the bed – it’s easy and comfortable!